Commercial Litigation and Damages Quantification

Business Interruption and Insurance Claims


Shareholder Disputes

bluepoint provides independent expert reports in relation to various litigation matters, as follows:

  •  Commercial litigation and Damages Quantification
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Business interruption and insurance claims

Our expert reports are often used in negotiation meetings, mediations, arbitrations or in court.  We have also been retained to critique and provide comments on opposition expert reports, in addition to assisting counsel in preparing for cross examination. 

On numerous occasions we have testified in court as expert witnesses to explain our methodologies, assumptions and walkthrough our reports.

We assist clients and their counsel with identifying financial, accounting and economic issues relating to commercial litigation disputes.  We have experience quantifying economic damages for financial losses resulting from the following litigation disputes:

  • Breach of contract
  • Professional negligence
  • Securities litigation
  • Patent infringement and other intellectual property disputes
  •  Construction disputes
  • Product liability
  • Expropriations

Our experts combine accounting concepts, economic principles, valuation approaches, statistical analysis and vast industry knowledge to strategically dissect losses arising from a commercial litigation.  We take pride in communicating our approaches, assumptions and conclusions in a clean, concise and persuasive manner. 

At bluepoint our experts identify the financial, valuation and economic issues relating to shareholder disputes, and provide assistance with share buyouts and reconciliation of shareholder loans.   

Commercial insurance claims can be complex and require extensive financial analysis to determine the policyholder’s lost profits (up to the limits of the insurance policy) resulting from an interruption of its normal operations.  At bluepoint, we have experience across various industries and our experts take a big picture approach with attention to detail in arriving at conclusions.

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